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We are already in May and I thought of showing you some of my favorite items. I thought I'd share with you a design moodboard that I believe would be perfect to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

While doing my research, I saw the NORRAKER bench from IKEA (1), which would be perfect for a cozy corner with pillows, but would also be great as a dining sitting chair. I was excited of the minimal line of this sideboard, from the Swedish brand Design Of (2), made by stainless steel, which can used in indoor and outdoor places.

Speaking about Swedish design my list of them is quite big. These beautiful sculptures is from the Swedish brand Cooee Design (3) and their collaboration with Kristiina and their names are Benedict & Amal. Some art always make our spaces cozier and more pleasant.

Well as we sit and enjoy our home moments we can have our lovely snack or a hot tea in these white ceramic cups from Blanc Ceramics (4) where distinguished of pure simplicity. As you get some of them you will realise that you won't want to lock them in a closet and you will prefer to decorate them on a beautiful shelf like this elegant one from String Furniture (5).

Last but not least, as we said it's still May and some nights a blanket is necessary, so this one is made by mohair from a New Zealand's company Mohairs & More (6). They also made alpaca blankets in many colors. This photo had captured by dear Donna (@dhowelldesigns) which is an excellent creative director and i love her point of view.

Thank you for reading my monthly inspiration of those beloved design objects, i hope you liked it and i will be glad if you leave me a comment below with your thoughts.

Lots of love,


Happy 1st May with my Amaryllis

Hello my dear friends, happy 1st May today with a vase full of Amaryllis. I have two colors of them in my balcony - garden, orange and red. At this moment, only the orange had already bloom and i am waiting for the red color to bloom the next days. Fortunately this type of flower can last long days in my vase and give color to my house.

A good tip when you have Amaryllis is to check early spring if the bulbs have multiplied (we see leaves coming out of two different points from the bulb), then we can gently seperate them and replant them at a distance or in another pot, so that they can multiply on their turn next year.

If you want a video of how to seperate the bulbs you can leave a comment under my post and  i'll try to prepare it for some Instagram stories...

One of the most beautiful thing for a slow living life is when you realise that your essential list for living life in this way is some flowers, scented candles, some good books and simple spaces.

I definetely enjoy a lot the smell of JoMalone candles, love playing with my messege board from Design Letters and get inspired from beloved books. As for the flowers i moved them everywhere and take them photos from many angles.

Tart with cream and Pineapple

A few days ago I found this very easy recipe for sweet pie dough, where I had make it with chocolate cream and strawberries. This time I thought of trying it with white cream and pineapple, and it was really great. Fortunately for this tart, I found the right cooking pot, so my dessert was in the right shape.

Recipe ingredients

175 grams of flour 

100 grams of butter, not too cold, cut into cubes

25 grams of sugar

1 egg yolk

zest of 1/2 lemon

a little cold water

How to run recipe

For the dough for a sweet tart, first sift the flour with the powdered sugar on the kitchen counter.

Add the butter and the zest and homogenize them with the fingertips to become like wet sand. Add the yolk and a little water, 1-2 tbsp, to unite the dough.

Give it a spherical shape and wrapped it in celery. Let her rest and freeze for at least 30 minutes.

Open it on a sheet and spread it on a buttered tart dish. Fill until the edge of the tart with weights (legumes, rice, etc.). and bake for 15΄-20΄.

Remove the weights and bake for more 5΄-10΄ to turn brown. Spread an egg or egg whites to make it waterproof. Bake for an additional 3΄-4΄. Allow to cool and continue with the cream of your choice.

My White Bedroom

My house happens to be only 37 square meters but I love it so much! I've always enjoyed it anyway, as I am working from home the last few years. Last year i built this small room to expand my tiny house with a bedroom. Before it was an "all in one" house, without separate bedrooms. All the walls are white and it fits only a bed in the whole room with two lamps, but i love it so much. White definitely is my home color! 

Chocolate Tart

Time to enjoy a piece of my banana chocolate tart that I baked yesterday! I found on the internet a very simple tart recipe and i baked it in a moment. Then a chocolate mousse and some banana slices made my plate very pretty, so i couldn't resist of taking some photos.

New Interior Project

New project! New day! That's how everything starts. With a good breakfast to help me organize my thoughts.