Face care

Any daily rituals?

"Lumi Leash" at my Home

Black dress

A Sunday walk in my town! Which place could be best in Athens than Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center? Find my black dress with fur sleeves here!


Snow time

White is my lovely color! Even better if the whiteness comes from the snow all around me! So what's better, if you travel the winter, from a place full of white snow? Me i 'm travelling often to Karpenisi and especially in my favorite village Krikello, about half an hour outsite of the town of Karpenisi. The weather wasn't that cold, so i chose just a coat and a warm scarf over my sweater.


My summer story was about make me learning from the moments. Cause the time passes away and nothing else matters, than the moments and the details who come around us. Two hastags for all my next posts are #onlyliveonce and #alwaysrememberyou. Both of them are for you, my one and only dog, where your time was not enough by my side...

A moment at Elafonisos